Serial rape suspect charged with 1991 murder in Miami

Willie James Duncan
Willie James Duncan Miami-Dade Corrections

Police believe Willie James Duncan is a serial rapist — the suspect in at least nine attacks dating back to the 1980s.

And now, he is charged with the murder of Rosalind Yates Monroe, 48, who was found strangled inside an abandoned Miami house in March 1991.

The 57-year-old Duncan has been charged with the first-degree murder after his DNA was found inside the woman's body, according to a Miami-Dade police arrest warrant. Duncan had been in state prison, serving a 20-year prison sentence for the rape of a woman in 2001.

Law enforcement officials have now transferred him to a Miami-Dade jail.

His crimes follow a similar pattern, according to Miami-Dade police's cold-case homicide squad: women choked while being raped.

Duncan's crimes began in at least January 1989, when he lured a woman to an abandoned house in what is today Miami Gardens, police said. Duncan was never charged, but she recently identified Duncan as her attacker, Miami-Dade Lt. Benny Solis wrote in a arrest warrant filed in court.

DNA linked him to another attack in 1994, when he held a woman against her will — with a gun pressed to her head, the warrant said.

In another case, police say, Duncan raped a different woman inside an empty warehouse in Little Haiti in May 2001. The woman saw him months later and confronted him. Duncan "replied that he couldn't help it. He had been doing it a long time," according to the arrest warrant.

Duncan, when interviewed by police, denied all the allegations and could not explain the DNA results, according to authorities.