The Department of Corrections officer saw the prison checkpoint. And skedaddled.

A Florida Department of Corrections officer will be fired after she drove away from an Everglades Correctional Institution checkpoint set up on suspicion she was bringing contraband into the prison.

That's according to a Department of Corrections spokesman, who also said Evelyn Bruton was detained — not arrested — by Miami-Dade police Thursday morning. Miami-Dade police say Bruton, 24, was stopped on Southwest 152nd Street near the Florida Turnpike, approximately 10 miles from the prison.

Miami-Dade Narcotics Bureau detectives joined the scene.

As described by Corrections, evidence pointing to Bruton as a contraband courier formed the checkpoint's raison d'etre. When K9 officers approached her car, Bruton drove away.

"The actions of this officer are unacceptable and do not align with the professional standards we hold for all FDC staff," a Corrections email read. "The Department is moving toward her immediate dismissal."

Neither agency would say if charges will be filed.