She paid for her BMW with her grandparents' Social Security checks. They were dead.

Certified nursing assistant Myriam Etienne got three years and five months in federal prison last week after being convicted of cashing her dead grandparents Social Security checks for nearly a decade.

Etienne, 49, ripped off $160,000, according to the Justice Department. But the restitution part of her sentence amounts to $64,920, the total from the 90 checks represented by the 90 counts of theft of government funds.

She is appealing her sentence.

Both grandparents died after moving back to Haiti, Etienne's grandfather in 2006 and grandmother in 2009. But Etienne kept the Social Security train rolling until 2016 by signing payee accounting records that the money was being used for their food, clothing, shelter and medical needs.

Instead, court documents say, Etienne bought a 2015 BMW X6, paid the mortgage on her North Lauderdale home and bought airline tickets.