Jackson Memorial therapist tried to view child porn at hospital, cops say

Thomas Mahon
Thomas Mahon Miami-Dade Corrections

A Jackson Memorial respiratory therapist has been arrested after police said he repeatedly tried to view child pornography on a hospital computer.

Thomas Mahon, 61, was charged with three felony counts of attempting to transmit child pornography.

According to Miami-Dade police, Mahon tried doing Internet searches for child porn on computers after another employee forgot to log off his company account. The Bing internet searches were blocked by Jackson’s internal computer security systems.

Using surveillance footage, Jackson security investigators determined that Mahon was in the room after the employee left without logging off his account. Jackson later called Miami-Dade police, which conducted its own investigation.

He was arrested on Tuesday and has since posted bail. “I’d rather not say anything right now,” Mahon said when reached by phone on Wednesday.

In a statement, Jackson Health Systems said its “robust IT security system” helped discover the “rogue employee” in January. “As a result, in March 2016, the employee was terminated and all of his access to Jackson systems and facilities was immediately revoked,” according to the statement.

The statement said it has a “zero tolerance policy for any activities that may put our organization, our patients, employees and visitors at risk.”

Mahon, a respiratory therapy supervisor, had been with Jackson Memorial since 1980. He’s also a registered nurse. Accord to state records, he voluntarily gave up both licenses after he was fired.