Two men and a getaway driver named Surprise arrested after attempted robberies on Miami Beach

Joseph Frank Bowie
Joseph Frank Bowie

Three men were arrested for participating in one beach robbery and attempting another one early Friday before being arrested by police, Miami Beach police said.

According to arrest reports, two men, later identified as Alejandro Telfair, 20, and Joseph Frank Bowie, 20, robbed a pair of women sitting on the beach at gunpoint around 1:20 a.m. and attempted to rob another two people a block away shortly thereafter. Telfair and Bowie left both scenes in a getaway car driven by Anthony Mark Surprise, 19, before they were apprehended by police a few hours later, authorities said.

The first robbery took place at 18th Street and the beach, where two women reported that Telfair and Bowie approached them on the sand from behind. The two women, from Virginia, told police that both men pointed guns at them and told them to lie down on the ground.

When they complied, Telfair and Bowie took their cellphones and searched their pockets, according to the arrest reports. The men then ran west onto the boardwalk, where they left in a white Infiniti.

Not long after, Telfair and Bowie approached two more people on the beach near 17th Street from behind, the reports said. The victims told officers that Telfair stuck a firearm in one person’s back and demanded a cellphone, which the victim refused to do. Telfair then hit the other person in the head with the gun, they said, starting a struggle. During the fight, one of the victims dropped their phone in the sand, which Telfair attempted to grab and failed.

Telfair and Bowie then turned around and fled north, according to the arrest reports. The victims went into the Delano hotel to call 911.

Officers matched the descriptions of the suspects to the earlier robbery on the beach and issued a bulletin describing the getaway car from the first robbery.

Police identified a matching car driving west on the MacArthur Causeway around 4:20 a.m. and stopped the vehicle in the 1900 block of Biscayne Boulevard, according to arrest reports. Surprise, Telfair and Bowie were all taken into custody, where one of the women in the first robbery and both victims of the attempted second identified Telfair and Bowie.

All three were arrested on charges related to robbery with a firearm, police said.