Man threatens to rape bartender, beats on cops before cops knock him out, police say

Brian Scott Webb’s jail photo shows his right eye swollen shut, lacerations on his forehead and bruises under his left cheek. His hair is completely disheveled.

It looks like he’s been beaten up.

On Thursday, Miami Beach police admitted to punching and knocking out Webb — but only after he refused to leave a bar when asked, threatened to rape a bartender, then fought and injured two cops, one of them bad enough to cause a hairline fracture in her hand.

“When we brought him to the holding facility at headquarters, he just went nuts and started a fight,” said Miami police officer William Collado.

Scott, 27, who police said was homeless, was arrested and charged with battery on law enforcement officers, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest with violence. He remained at Turner Guilford Knight correctional center on Thursday. His bond was set at $15,500.

According to police and witnesses, Webb entered Dewey’s Tavern on Eighth Street and Alton Road just before midnight on Tuesday. But the bartender there wouldn’t serve him. She told police Webb was in earlier and had consumed four beers and a shot, and when he returned he was even more intoxicated.

So, according to the bartender, Webb threatened to punch and rape her. She called police and paramedics. Webb was taken to the police holding facility at Miami Beach police headquarters on Washington Avenue and 10th Street.

But, police said, when they tried to place him in a holding cell he became “irate” and began elbowing officers. Other officers joined in and tried to subdue Webb. But, police said, he just became more aggressive, “actively kicking and punching” and wouldn’t allow police to handcuff him.

Then, “at one point officer Parado punched the defendant to the face where he momentarily lost consciousness.” The lapse gave police enough time to get Webb to a transport van. But before he entered, police said he kicked two officers in the legs.

According to police, one officer had cuts on his face and injured his hand. Another officer went to Mount Sinai Medical Center where she was diagnosed with a hairline fracture to her right hand.

Officers said Webb was under the influence, Collado said.

“But under the influence of what, I don’t know,” he said.

State records show this was Webb's fourth arrest since November. He also has been charged with battery, trespassing and disorderly conduct.