A young woman was killed by a car on the turnpike and no one stopped. Who was she?

Florida Highway Patrol troopers found a dead young woman on the turnpike near Oakland Park Boulevard, and they want to know who she is and what happened to her.

Troopers found the unidentified black woman in the northbound lanes around 1 a.m. Wednesday. They don’t know if she walked into the road or if she fell or jumped from the westbound lanes of Oakland Park Boulevard above the turnpike. She may have been hit by several cars, but none of them stopped.

The young woman was wearing dark clothing and carried no identification. Officers said she was likely in her mid-20s or mid-30s, was around five-foot five-inches tall and had a short cropped afro-style hairstyle.

Anyone with information should call FHP at 954-242-3340.

Alex Harris: 305-376-5005, @harrisalexc