Homeowner shoots car theft suspect; two others detained after school lockdown in Miami

A stolen vehicle and a bailout by three men in Little Havana Friday led to a school lockdown, left suspects detained and a third shot by a homeowner who police said was in fear for his life.

Police were still interviewing witnesses and the suspects and hadn’t released any names or announced any arrests as of Friday afternoon. St. Michael’s Catholic School, which was briefly on lockdown, was reopened.

“We set up a perimeter and two people were apprehended,” said Miami Police Detective Kenia Fallat. “Then 30 minutes later we had to set up another perimeter because a homeowner confronted one of them and he fired a weapon and hit the guy.”

Fallat said early in the afternoon three men in a stolen vehicle jumped out near St. Michael’s on Northwest Third Street and 27th Avenue. Police immediately set up a perimeter from 27th to 28th Avenue and between West Flagler and Northwest Fourth streets.

St. Michael’s was placed on lockdown. A short time later police caught two men and lifted the perimeter and the lockdown on the school, which lasted for 30 minutes.

Fallat said they locked down the neighborhood again after the third suspect in the car caper approached an older man at a home near the school. There was some type of confrontation. Then the man shot the suspect. The suspect was taken into custody and is receiving medical attention.

“The homeowner is fine,” said Fallat.