Her boyfriend punched her toddler so hard surgery was needed. Now they are both charged.

Tyquan Spencer and Scarlett Ruiz
Tyquan Spencer and Scarlett Ruiz

A North Miami couple is in jail after the man punched his girlfriend’s toddler so hard she needed surgery, and the mom did nothing about it for days, police said.

Tyquan Spencer, 22, is accused of punching the 19-month-old child in the stomach while her mother wasn’t home. The little girl threw up after the punch, her older sister told police.

The older sister told her mother, 24-year-old Scarlett Ruiz, what happened when she got home, according to the report. But police said the mom did nothing.

At some point, the toddler developed a fever and Ruiz took her to the hospital. She didn’t mention the punch, and the girl was misdiagnosed with an infection.

Days later, according to the police report, Ruiz took her child to the hospital again for even worse symptoms. This time, doctors performed emergency surgery for a perforated small intestine.

Police said Spencer, Ruiz’s live-in-boyfriend, “coached” the older sister to deny the attack, but Ruiz told police the whole story.

She was arrested and charged with child neglect with great bodily harm. Spencer was arrested and charged with child abuse with great bodily harm.

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