Florida man bites dog — then his brother, police say

Zachary Kelly
Zachary Kelly

When 4-month-old Phoebe started “acting up,” police said Zachary Kelly tried to “teach the dog a lesson.”

The 30-year-old man is accused of holding the puppy down and biting her on the ears, according to Fox5, until she yelped.

This set off a fight with his brother, Kelly’s girlfriend told the TV station. The Brevard County man bit his brother on the chest, police said.

“I'm obviously not happy about it,” Jessica Wenner, Phoebe’s owner and Kelly’s girlfriend, told Fox 5.

Both the puppy and the brother are OK, but Kelly was ordered by a judge to stay away from both of them.

He is in jail on charges of animal cruelty and battery. His bond is set at $5,500.