Uber driver’s car gets shot up shortly after he picks up a customer


After an Uber driver picked up a customer early Monday, he got a much larger surprise than a big tip: A bullet-riddled car.

Though no one was injured, the driver and the passenger were scared enough to bail from the vehicle and race seven blocks to the entrance of a city park, where police found them after a brief search.

Police said it was 6:20 a.m. when Hermaud Lamar Christian Rolle used his phone app to contact Uber driver Israel Jose Arenas Daly. Daly reached Rolle within a few minutes and picked him up in front of his home in the 5400 block of Northwest Fifth Avenue.

As Daly drove south on Fifth Avenue, he said he saw a man walking on 54th Street who started shooting at his vehicle. Both men ducked. The shooter fled. And Rolle and Daly took off, running seven blocks to the entrance of Athalie Range Park on 62nd Street.

The shooter has not been identified and no one has offered a motive.

Two Uber drivers were robbed at gunpoint in December.

In one incident in Aventura, an attempted armed robbery went awry when a man who used a van to cut off an Uber driver ended up getting shot four times and killed. A day later on Northwest 33rd Street and 12th Avenue, a man pointed a gun at an Uber driver, then took off with the vehicle.