The waiter tried to choke and rape me, woman tells cops


A waiter at the tony Ocean Reef Club subdivision in North Key Largo has been arrested on sexual battery and kidnapping charges after being accused of trying to rape a co-worker.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Jeremiah Kielman, 42, a waiter at the Raw Bar restaurant, at the Ocean Reef Club’s employee housing complex. His female co-worker said he held her down, choked her and tried to have sex with her against her will, according to an arrest affidavit. The alleged incident happened around 3:20 a.m. Thursday.

The woman was able to punch Kielman in the face, run out of his apartment and call police, she told detectives. The woman said she went to Kielman’s room to bum a cigarette, said Deputy Becky Herrin, information officer with the Sheriff’s Office. Once in the room. she told detectives Kielman threw her on the bed and began his attack.

When police arrived, Kielman agreed to speak with them without an attorney present. He first denied choking the woman but then told detectives the woman told him she liked to be choked. He also said it’s possible he touched her neck area “because his hands touched her facial area throughout the incident,” Detective Rosa DiGiovanni wrote in her report.

Kielman told investigators that “once the victim mentioned rape to him, he jumped off her, which allowed her to leave the apartment,” DiGiovanni wrote.

Detectives also determined their arrest on conflicting accounts about what witnesses said the woman was wearing and what Kielman said she had on. He told police she was wearing a dress, but witnesses said she wore blue jean shorts.

Deputies booked Kielman into the Plantation Key jail Thursday afternoon on attempted sexual battery, aggravated battery and false imprisonment charges.

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