He killed his father and dismembered the body. A judge had the last word.

Matthew Marshall
Matthew Marshall

He killed his father. Dismembered his body. Wrapped the torso in a sheet. Stuffed the left arm, thighs and lower legs into a suitcase and dropped it into a canal.

For his acts of horror, a Florida man will spend the rest of his life in prison, according to

On Monday, a Lee County Circuit Court judge sentenced 34-year-old Matthew Marshall for second-degree murder. Judge J. Frank Porter called it “without any doubt the most gruesome and brutal murder of my career.”

The Cape Coral man represented himself at his trial, according to, and rambled about his amendment rights.

“Matt is not a monster,” his mother, Mary Raveling, testified.

Relatives and friends portrayed James Marshall as a loving father who wanted to help his mentally ill son.

The father was last seen alive on Feb. 16. His sheet-wrapped torso was found behind the condo. Various body parts were discovered in a canal a few weeks later.