West Miami-Dade

West Miami proposes unchanged tax rate for 2015-16

West Miami won’t have any changes to its tax rate if commissioners approve a preliminary 2015-16 budget.

The proposal

West Miami City manager Yolanda Aguilar is proposing a $6.88 tax rate for every $1,000 of assessed property value — the same as last year.

Impact on services

The 2015-16 budget takes affect Oct. 1. The projected total of spending next budget year is $5.6 million compared to last year’s $5 million, she added.

She also said there won’t be any layoffs. This year’s budget was challenging because of the “use of impact fees for intended infrastructure improvements and how it intertwined with grants,” Aguilar said.

West Miami is also working on projects currently funded by grants and impact fees, including park expansions, traffic circles and a new building for city departments.

“There is only one project that will require for the city to borrow $600,000, which will be for the new facilities for the offices of zoning, public works, code enforcement and permit departments,” she said. “The repayment of that will be paid by each fund servicing the needs of that particular enterprise fund. Aside from that the City will match a recent award to develop the expansion to an existing city park using impact fees.”

Aguilar said the city is making adjustments to improve West Miami resident’s services.

“We are moving in one direction to insure that the city of West Miami continues to be attractive in service, in aesthetics, in the enjoyment of quality of life, year-round activities during the Lighting of the Tree holidays, Easter egg hunt, Fourth of July, summer camp, after-school care, more pocket parks citywide, arts and cultural festival and senior citizen projects while paving the way for a financially stable community for many years to come,” she said.

The city also has $550,000 in its unrestricted rainy-day fund.

Aguilar predicts the city’s finances are looking bright.

“West Miami continues to be a desirable community where people enjoy clean streets, low crime, good service from the city and an area where property values are rising and the landscape of our commercial corridors are changing to allow our city to increase in population becoming a stronger voice in Tallahassee, Miami Dade County and competitive to receive grants for projects,” she said.

Public hearings

The first and second budget hearings are set for 7:30 p.m. Sept. 8 and Sept. 23 at 901 SW 62nd Ave.

Check your mailbox

Homeowners will receive a letter called a “TRIM notice” in August giving them their proposed tax rate and hearing dates. The letter will also include proposed tax rates for Miami-Dade county, the school board and other local agencies.