West Miami-Dade

Burger King manager met his online girlfriend for a hotel sex date, cops say. She’s 10.

Jonathan Diaz-Fundora
Jonathan Diaz-Fundora

A 275-pound West Miami-Dade man was found in a Lakeland Motel 6 with a 10-year-old girl with whom he’d been discussing sexual fantasies electronically, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

The girl was hiding in a bathroom, wearing a dog collar, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. He’d already fondled and raped her, each told investigators.

Jonathan Diaz-Fundora, 23, faces five counts of possession of child pornography, three counts of directing the sexual performance of a child, two counts of using a computer to seduce a child, one count of kidnapping, sexual battery by an adult on a victim under 12 and traveling to meet a minor. In the arrest affidavit, the girl said Diaz-Fundora told her he took three days off from work so they could meet. Diaz-Fundora told PCSO he worked as a Burger King manager, the same occupation he listed on his Facebook page.

The girl, who lives in Lakeland, was returned to her parents. Tuesday night, she’d skipped out of the house to a rendezvous point at the end of her street after leaving a note to keep her parents at bay:

“I’ll be staying 3 nights with my bff, not (redacted). She’s going thru a lot, I’ll come back on Thursday! Muwh! XOXO.....I wunna help her. She’s one of my friends at school. She doesn’t want to see anybody but me. I’ll be safe.”

Her parents quickly called the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, and they began to scour area businesses.

Meanwhile, the arrest affidavit says, Diaz-Fundora met with the girl who he’d been Facebook messaging and text messaging with for up to two months.

She told investigators Diaz-Fundora would order her to take pictures of herself masturbating and send them to him. Investigators say they found a message from Diaz-Fundora telling the girl to perform sexual acts and a photo complying with the request, just one of many photos or videos of the girl that Diaz-Fundora had on his electronic devices (thus, the child pornography charges).

Diaz-Fundora said he thought the girl looked “a little young” for her claim of 18 but he “blew it off,” even though he figured her more for 14 or 15.

At the hotel room, each told investigators, they cuddled in bed while watching television. Diaz-Fundora began to rub the girl’s genitalia. Then, they had sex.

Detectives arrived shortly thereafter.

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