West Kendall

Kendall veteran gets stolen wallet back with treasured heirloom

A Vietnam veteran got his wallet back from the person who stole it a month ago.

On Oct. 5, David Shupe, 69, was shopping at a Publix in the Hammocks area of West Kendall when he misplaced his wallet in the produce section.

Surveillance video at the store showed a woman finding it and paying for her groceries with the wallet in hand.

The wallet contained $3,000, which Shupe withdrew from his bank account to wire to his pregnant daughter in North Carolina. He was not as concerned with the money as he was with a gift inside the wallet: his late grandmother’s angel pin, which she gave to him before he left for the battlefield.

On Nov. 8, Shupe got his wallet back.

“Lo and behold, the lady showed up at my house this morning, 7:30, with the billfold,” he said Saturday. “I immediately took out the angel and I was happy. I didn’t look at the money or nothing else, I was just so happy to have the angel back in my hand, my heart was light.”

Shupe said the woman told him she couldn’t locate him to give it back and asked if he was going to press charges against her.

He said he does not plan to press charges, but will communicate with police Monday.

“I have my angel back, I’m happy,” Shupe said.