South Miami

Letter: South Miami pool was long overdue

Re Antoinette Fischer’s letter, South Miami pool will be a money pit (Soapbox, Aug. 31): Cost isn’t the only issue regarding South Miami’s Aquatic Center. For 40 years, the city’s African-American residents have been asking for a community pool. The idea of a public pool was first discussed in the predominantly African-American parts of South Miami after several lives were lost due to drownings.

At one point, the original designs, construction and concept to offset expenses for the pool where scrapped, and county and grant funding were lost. After years of political jockeying, public displeasure and the firing of city manger after city manger, the pool was downsized and funding for upkeep had to come from the Community Redevelopment Area in order to get a favorable vote from the current City Commission.

It’s sad that because it is easily accessible to families that live in the public housing development adjacent to the pool, a few residents doesn’t think the city should foot the bill. Some feel that had the pool been designated to be in another area of South Miami, Mrs. Fisher and her constituents wouldn’t have a problem finding funding in the budget.

Are our taxes more important than saving community lives?

Rodney Williams, South Miami

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