South Miami

South Miami approves sandwich shop at Sunset Place

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches will soon have a new home in South Miami. The city commission unanimously approved a special-use permit for the restaurant to go in on the Red Road side of the Shops at Sunset Place.

“What’s kind of great about this is that we always wanted that side of the shopping center,” Mayor Philip Stoddard said after the June 17 vote. “It’s always been just a blank wall. So finally someone is putting in a restaurant where people can walk in, see in the window and engage.”

After opening in 1983, the sandwich shop has grown to more than 2,000 stores in 43 states. The restaurant has a focus on bicycle delivery but will also have indoor seating.

“South Miami is very much into alternate transportation and reducing the carbon footprint,” City Manager Steven Alexander said. “It’s a very green-oriented community. Bicycles are much more green than car delivery and that sort of thing.”

The 1,400-square-foot space will be the sixth Miami store for owner/franchisee Matthew Thomas, who has locations in Brickell, Flagler, Biscayne, Miracle Mile and Coconut Grove. The new location will be on the first level of the shops at Sunset place and will front Southwest 57th Avenue (Red Road).

“In my last two and half years, the only restaurant we have not approved was a hole in the wall,” Commissioner Josh Liebman said at the meeting. “We’ve approved every restaurant. This commission may not have a reputation for being business-friendly, but we are exceptionally restaurant-friendly.”

Any exterior modifications or signage for the restaurant will require an application for review and approval with the city’s Environmental Review and Preservation Board.

“Their bike delivery ties into [the green community] in South Miami,” Stoddard said. “I think that’s terrific. South Miami is a great place to get around by bicycle, and it makes complete sense to be doing bicycle deliveries and eliminate the need to have a car. …”

“I haven’t eaten there yet, but anything that puts more street life on Red Road I think is a good thing.”