South Miami

Letter: A new City Hall will cost more than Commissioner Liebman says

When Commissioner “Big Spender” Josh Liebman was elected to the South Miami City Commission the city budget was $15,277.914. Now, in his last year before he faces election, the budget is $16,737.052.

Liebman proposed at the Feb. 17 commission meeting that the city build a new City Hall. Liebman stated that this would not cost the city any money. The city’s “Green Committee” told him of a Green organization that would foot the bill. Liebman wants the city manager to go forward with this proposal.

Did this organization pledge the money? No! Does Liebman think that they will give the city about $9,000,000 to build a city hall without requiring many special conditions? No!

I asked Liebman where the city might conduct business while the new City Hall is build. His reply was “across the street in the bank building.” Won’t the bank charge a large sum for rent? Mr. Liebman, who pays this rent? Who will pay for moving the government and the police department to a temporary location? Who pays to move to the new city hall? Who pays to connect the internet, phone etc.? Mr. Liebman, did you think about that? There are more expenses that I will not list. I’m sure that taxpayers can also think of more.

Is it really true, Mr. Liebman, that a new City Hall will not cost the city taxpayer anything? You are misleading the public. I find it amazing that this commission can build a new City Hall when they cannot finish a project called “Madison Square” which has been on the agenda for 10 years.

It took 50 years to finish a swimming pool, 20 years to finish a Community Center and 10 years to get a parking garage. Yet this commission is moving ahead with building a new City Hall. This is reckless and wasteful spending! Mr. Liebman, after hearing your statements with their amazing misinformation, South Miami voters should realize that any commissioner who makes those statements is not qualified to be a commissioner. We look forward to election day.

Dick Ward, South Miami

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