Police looking for runaway teenage girl

Emily Marie Gimenez
Emily Marie Gimenez

When Angel Gimenez got back home Wednesday morning, breakfast in hand, his daughter was gone.

Pinecrest Police are looking for Emily Marie Gimenez, a 17-year-old with blue eyes, a septum ring and faded red hair. Her dad said she runs away often and has a drug problem. Her usual destination is Wynwood, and her dad said Emily may be headed to the Rolling Loud hip-hop concert at MANA Wynwood — located at 318 NW 23rd St. — starting at 5 p.m. Friday.

Gimenez said Emily went missing from their home on Wednesday. He took her home from the hospital, but when he left to run an errand and grab breakfast, she was gone. She texted him saying she was safe but not coming home. He found out she’s with a person named Jack.

Anyone with information about Emily or her whereabouts should call 305-234-2121 or 305-471-TIPS.