A longtime criminal managed to rob a bank. But he picked the wrong getaway vehicle, cops say

Richard Douglas White, upon starting a prison stretch in 2008.
Richard Douglas White, upon starting a prison stretch in 2008.

A man in his 60s whose criminal life stretched back to the 1970s tried to use that product of the 1980s, Metrorail, to escape after robbing a bank Friday morning, cops say.

Alas, Richard Douglas White wound up just another passenger trapped on a Metrorail train that hadn't moved before Pinccrest cops arrested him.

Under this name, White is 65. Depending on which alias he uses — Richard Douglas Cassarella, Richard Darling, Lenny Robert Dawson, Lenny Richard Dawson — his age ranges from 60 to 67, according to Miami-Dade County online court records. A conviction on an auto larceny conviction from June 1971 started a rap sheet that includes possession of a stolen car and aggravated assault.

A quartet of robbery charges put White in prison from 2008-2017, then on probation until March 12, 2027.

Pinecrest police say White robbed the Bank of America at 9101 S. Dixie Hwy. on Friday around 9:30 a.m. Instead of an old-fashioned getaway car or a newfangled Uber or Lyft, White ran across to the Dadeland South Metrorail Station, witnesses told cops. Perhaps White counted on Metrorail running at rush hour pace.

If so, it was a South Florida rookie mistake. Pinecrest police say they stopped outgoing trains and found White sitting on a train, waiting to depart.