Palmetto Bay

Palmer Trinity School: We want to be good neighbors in Palmetto Bay

We at Palmer Trinity School wish to ensure that your readership is aware of a few basic and important facts that seem to get overlooked from time to time.

Just this year, Palmer Trinity School demonstrated its commitment to being a good neighbor by hosting its surrounding residential neighbors three times at the school to present its site plan, entertain questions, and provide a forum for voicing concerns. We are pleased to report that these meetings were very well-attended, positive in nature, and gave an opportunity for open dialogue. Our commitment to our neighbors is further evident in the site plan that the school has submitted to the village of Palmetto Bay.

Specifically, Palmer Trinity has:

• Satisfied all of the legal and zoning code requirements within the village;

• Removed the lights from its presently submitted site plan;

• Reduced the requested student population from 1,420 to 1,150;

• Removed all variances, submitting a revised variance-free site plan to the village;

• Made changes regarding landscaping, taking into consideration neighbor feedback;

In view of the upcoming zoning meeting on July 21, please be assured that as your neighbor, Palmer Trinity School values its relationship with village residents and sincerely wants to continue encouraging an open dialogue. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns you may still have, or if you would like to visit the campus.

With hopes for peace in our community,

Suzanne Gottlieb Calleja, director of communications and community relations, Palmer Trinity School, Palmetto Bay