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Letter: Where are the taxpayer savings in North Miami Beach?

About two months ago, the North Miami Beach mayor and city council voted to save us about $1,500,000 in taxes by throwing out the unionized trash collectors and farming it out to a private enterprise. So what have they done with this savings? Did they pass on the savings to the NMB taxpayers in terms of lower tax bills this year? Nope.

Did they use the savings to pay down the debt service which would act like a principle payment if we were talking about mortgages? Nope.

What they have done however is to spend that money for more useless items and I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks get a pay raise as well. Whoa there, didn’t the terminology say we were being saved that 1.5 million bucks? Isn’t this a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul? They can’t weasel their way out of this quagmire by telling us their saving us one red cent. It gets better...

Now there is a verse in Ecclesiastes (5:10) which is rather apropos to this newest development from NMB City Hall: He who loves silver will not be satisfied with silver. Because it appears those windbags are discussing a tax hike this year, just how much the millage will be hiked we will see when comparing this year to last year will tell the tale. They weren’t content with our wonderful “savings.” Greed begets greed. Is this the kind of leadership that the people voted for?

Those who stand up to the council and mayor manage to get themselves verbally trodden upon by the mayor as a bunch of constant whiners or complainers. I have read at least two articles which appeared right here in Neighbors where the mayor was quoted. Our Constitutional First Amendment gets stripped once entering the council chambers. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and that will continually be the case whenever only 10ish percent of the registered voters get out and vote. For those readers which reside in any of the current Municipal Advisory Committees be forewarned, this is the kind of tomfoolery you can expect if you vote to become a municipality.

R. Brian Rook, North Miami Beach property owner

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