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Letter: Request for applications to the Northeast M.A.C. coming too late

Looking at the article in the June 14 edition of Neighbors in which Commissioner Sally Heyman is asking for people to submit applications to be new members in the Northeast M.A.C. [Municipal Advisory Committee], many of us wish this “ad” could have been run back in 2003.

Many recall, our M.A.C. was formed after Commissioner Heyman attended a meeting of the Highland Lakes/Sky Lake Homeowners Association. After this meeting, their president sent a letter to our commissioner requesting that a M.A.C. be established, providing résumés [as the commissioner requested] of people to be appointed by her to the M.A.C. They were then and still are all members of this HOA of course. Our commissioner as far as we know and recall did not meet with any other HOA or condo association of the very many in the area about creating a M.A.C. or offer them an equal opportunity to submit résumés of individualists to be appointed to this newly created M.A.C.. A 20% voter referendum of the area, which the county provides for, was never done.

As a result, up until now most members of the M.A.C. are pro-incorporation, want to to be politicians and live north of 193rd Street in single family homes. However, one member moved to Aventura years ago; he is also a member of the NE Budget Committee. This goes contrary to the resolution creating the M.A.C. [sponsored by Heyman] which states that all members of the M.A.C. are to reside within the boundaries of the study area.

As it happens, we are at the end of this incorporation procedure and these members have dealt with the most important item, which is approving the budget for this new city. This budget does not include the mitigation fee, which could be over a million dollars!

This new city will cost all of us more money in taxes to pay for and maintain this new bureaucracy, consider Miami Gardens, not limited to salaries, pensions, new police and City Hall, etc. A city could also change zoning codes, think of Sunny Isles, and businesses will pay for city and county licenses, inspections, permits, etc. If you compare millage rates at, we in the unincorporated areas pay the lowest.

So what will these new members do? We’ll see. For future M.A.C. meetings, call 305-375-1543 and please plan to attend.

Alicia Rook, Sky Lake

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