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Letter: In support of Phyllis Smith

As an individual who has represented the North Miami Beach area in the State Legislature for 24 years, 14 in the Florida House and 10 in the Florida Senate, I have seen first-hand many local elected officials. I am putting “pen to paper” as they say, to ensure that the residents of North Miami Beach know how proud and supportive I am of Councilwoman Phyllis Smith.

Many instances I have been at seminars, council meetings in neighboring cities or events and look over and there’s Phyllis. I see the way she prepares and researches to make any decisions for the public — she studies the issues both within the city and with other municipalities. Being involved in government it is integrity and caring that make a councilperson shine — and Phyllis shines bright. Every opportunity I have had to watch Phyllis Smith’s performance as a councilperson she has displayed these attributes. That does not mean I always agree with her, but I appreciate her work ethic and commitment to do what she believes best for the citizens of North Miami Beach.

There are so many positive reasons that I am going to encourage my friends and contacts to support Phyllis Smith in the upcoming May election.

Senator Ron Silver (retired), Highland Lakes

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