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Letter: There have been irregularities with the Municipal Advisory Board

On March 10, the County Committee charged with extending the Northeast Municipal Advisory Board [MAC] with an additional two years or not gave them two more years. Well that was predictable.

The fact is, there have been a number of irregularities in this procedure from the beginning back in 2003. Over 11 years and still they don’t have a clue.

However, this didn’t seem to matter to the commissioners on the committee. To name one, all members of the MAC and the Budget Committee [most are pro-incorporation] appointed by our commissioner live north of NE 193rd Street in single family homes except for one — this member is on both the MAC and Budget Committee. He is on the record at the Task Force meeting of June 5, 2013, giving his home address in Aventura, but we all know he moved away from the MAC study area years ago.

The resolution creating the MAC, sponsored by Commissioner Sally Heyman in April of 2003, on page 4 states clearly that the members of the MAC are to reside within the boundaries of the study area. This person cannot vote for incorporation, yet he is in a position to tell us how our tax dollars are to be spent.

At the March 10 meeting, Commissioner Heyman mentioned appointing another member to the MAC, again. The resolution on page 3 allows having seven to 11 members; the MAC already has the maximum of eleven members. We are already close to the end of this procedure — isn’t she 12 years or so too late?

In other news, there is a very important meeting regarding a Miami-Dade County study regarding annexation/incorporation. Please plan to attend. Your input is vital. The meeting is at the North Dade Regional Library (2455 NW 183rd St.) on Wednesday, March 25, at 6 p.m.

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