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They got names, birth dates, Socials. Now, they’ve got time in prison


An eventful week in the Justice Department’s Southern District of Florida office fighting South Florida’s rapidly growing identity theft industry included three-year sentences for two South Florida men.

Tarik Jean-Jourdian, 25, got three years after a plea deal that saw him plead guilty to one count of aggravated identity theft and one count of one more access devices (personal identification information) to obtain anything of value over $1,000. North Miami’s Randy Jacques, 28, got a three-year, four-month sentence after copping to one count of possessing more than 15 unauthorized access devices and one count of aggravated identity theft.

According to Jean-Jourdian’s factual proffer statement, PNC Bank’s ATM videos showed Jean-Jourdian hitting ATMs six times from April to May 2015 for $2,800 from someone else’s account. Execution of a search warrant on Jean-Jourdian’s car in February 2016 turned up handwritten or typed notes with 200 names, birth dates and Social Security numbers. The person whose account Jean-Jourdian raided told law enforcement he didn’t know Jean-Jourdian and the Hallandale resident didn’t have permission to have anything of his — identity information or $2,800 cash.

As for Jacuqes, a fusillade of 200 fraudulent phone calls to the New York State led investigators in August, 2015 to the home Jacques shares with three others. When investigators searched a laptop Jacques’ sister confirmed was his, they found 1,147 names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers from people not named Randy Jacques. They also found 47 New York State tax return forms. Delving into the computer’s history found numerous trips to the Connecticut state tax page.

Earlier in the week, the Southern District office announced the arrest of Hialeah police officer Raul Castellon after accusations Castellon used his police abilities to get license plate and Social Security numbers for a credit card fraudster. Thursday, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy Frantz Felisma plead guilty to two charges stemming from procuring information for an identity thief.

David J. Neal: 305-376-3559, @DavidJNeal