What about Miami 21? Readers submit questions on Midtown Walmart

Walmart's plan to open its first City of Miami location, a two-story store in Midtown, has sparked contentious debate between people who see it as a threat to an emerging neighborhood and others who see it as a boon to residents who will benefit from easy access to inexpensive goods and new jobs. With so much at stake, Beached Miami, asked the retail giant if it would field questions from our readers. To its credit, Walmart agreed to be grilled.

Here's a sampling of the reader questions submitted so far:

Sara: Miami 21 is a zoning plan that focuses on creating walkable, pedestrian-friendly urban areas. Is Walmart committed to upholding these goals at their proposed Midtown location?

Denise: Why choose midtown shops that house a growing upper middle class community? If the focus is truly to benefit the community and not compete with the developing marketplace the impact could be greater in little haiti, west wynwood, morning side etc.

Nathaniel Sandler: How does Walmart feel about all the backlash when there’s a Target less than a half a mile away?

This is an opportunity for people on both sides of the debate to engage directly with an issue that, for better or worse, would have a major impact on the City of Miami. Read more questions and learn how to submit your own at beachedmiami.com.