Grill Walmart: The retail giant is fielding your questions

Walmart's plan to open its first City of Miami location, a two-story store in Midtown, has sparked contentious debate between people who see it as a threat to an emerging neighborhood and others who see it as a boon to residents who will benefit from easy access to inexpensive goods and new jobs. With so much at stake, Beached Miami, which has been leading the local media with its coverage of the Midtown Walmart debate, asked the retail giant if it would field questions from our readers. To its credit, Walmart agreed to be grilled.

***Be heard***

This is an opportunity for people on both sides of the debate to engage directly with an issue that, for better or worse, would have a major impact on the City of Miami. There are several ways to submit questions:

-- via Twitter, with the hashtag #grillwalmart (for example, "What is Walmart doing to limit the affect of increased traffic in Midtown once the store opens? #grillwalmart")

-- via Facebook, by posting a question on the Beached Miami Facebook page

-- via email: info [at] beachedmiami [dot] com

-- Leave a comment on this post at beachedmiami.com.

Steven V. Restivo, who leads Walmart's public relations in Miami and several other major U.S. cities, will be answering your questions (10 total).

***Deadline: Wednesday, April 4***

We will accept questions until 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 4, so make sure to get yours in before deadline. We will then forward 10 of the questions to Walmart and publish the company's responses on beachedmiami.com in early April.

To give you a sense of Walmart's stance, here is a document the company is circulating as part of its community outreach strategy. It may help you formulate your questions.

Here's the #grillwalmart reaction so far via Storify.