Walmart to go forward with Midtown Miami store, wants 'public process' [Updated]

Walmart’s plans to open its first City of Miami location may have hit a snag with the city’s planning department Tuesday, but the retail giant is nonetheless going forward with plans for a store in Midtown and is working on new plans to submit to the city, as well as a more robust community outreach effort. We will have more soon. For now, here’s the official statement from Steve Restivo, Walmart’s senior director of community affairs:

"We think a Walmart store in Midtown can be part of the solution for Miami residents who need a job or want more affordable access to fresh groceries. While we have not yet submitted formal plans to the city, we think a store here can have a positive economic impact on the surrounding neighborhood and look forward to engaging with folks who live and work in the area. We want to come to the city the right way and look forward to a public process that allows us to listen, answer questions and share information about our company. We find that the more people learn facts about Walmart, the more they recognize the value in bringing a store to their community."

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