Andy Warhol at Art Basel Miami Beach (VIDEO)

In the late '60s, Andy Warhol famously prophesied that, in the future, everyone would be world-famous for 15 minutes. With reality television making, breaking, and forsaking "everyone"s with brutal speed, YouTube giving hope to anyone with the dream of landing a mention on Tosh.0, and Twitter putting celebrity/infamy a mere 140 characters away, Warhol's prediction was dead on.

It is no surprise, then, that Warhol's face and work are everywhere at Art Basel Miami Beach this year, which opens its doors to the public today and hosted its exclusive Vernissage Tuesday evening. In this video, L & M Arts dealer Dominique Lévy discusses Warhol's enduring relevance nearly 25 years after his death in a setting the artist would have appreciated: A booth literally plastered with his face.

Read more about Warhol's ubiquity, and possible reasons for it, at at BeachedMiami.com.

Miami Herald art and music writer Jordan Levin also recently wrote about Andy Warhol’s prominence at Art Basel Miami Beach, describing it as a “ confluence of art, commerce and and self-conscious fabulousness.”