Black Friday: Westinghouse widescreen TVs sell out at Target

Did shoppers exhaust their energy and money at midnight? At 5:30 a.m., the crowd at Midtown Miami had died down, with more employees than customers.

But night before, a line snaked half a block around the store. Maritza Riofan, 32, was near the front of the line. She had been waiting since 7 a.m. Thursday.

“I am very tired, but it’s not a problem,” she said. “I need to sacrifice for something good.”

Riofan was visiting from the Cayman Islands for her first Black Friday. She came for “the emotion, everything” — and for the sales.

To ward off a rush at the doors during the opening, Target distributed tickets for the featured TV model: a 46-inch Westinghouse for $289. A store employee handed out protein bars to those in line.

Fifteen minutes after the Target opened, the wide-screen Westinghouse TVs had sold out. Ana Ymana, 41, came with her husband, and a little after midnight, each carted out their own 46” TV. They waited six hours to get in, but were glad they came to Midtown because it wasn’t as crowded as the big malls.

“Other stores are too busy, it’s ridiculous,” she said. .