King Mango Strut parade coming to Wynwood

One of the original organizers of the King Mango Strut, a satirical, eccentric annual parade in Coconut Grove, is planning to bring the festivities to Wynwood for the first time on Dec. 10.

"Wynwood's King Mango Strut," as organizer Glenn Terry has dubbed it, will be similar to the Grove parade but tailored to the neighborhood’s vibe,Terry said.

"It's a mix of performance art and political satire, a lot like our Grove parade but with a greater emphasis on ‘art,’” he said in an email.

The first King Mango Strut was in 1982, after Terry and a friend were denied entry into the Orange Bowl Parade because they were wearing conchshells on their heads, playing kazoos, and banging on garbage cans, according to the KMS website. The upcoming Wynwood parade will not be replacing the original: The 30th Coconut Grove King Mango Strut will be held on Saturday, Dec. 31, at 2 p.m.

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