Midtown Resident Spotlight: Whitney Lykins

It’s well known that Midtown, Wynwood and the Design District are hubs for Miami’s local art and culinary scenes, but at Open Media Miami, we want to cover more than just the artists, chefs and real estate developers. We want to show the actual residents, the people who give these communities their vibrancy on days that aren’t Second Saturday or Art Basel.

To start things off, this week Open Media Miami spoke to 23 year-old Midtown resident Whitney Lykins about the company she helped found, The Black Key Group.

The marketing management company for local South-Florida musicians, aims to “bring awareness to Miami’s live music scene.”

Open Media Miami: One of the main adjectives you use when describing your company is “avant-garde.” Why?

Whitney: I would say that us being really young, and starting a company like this, that is kind of all fueled from passion. We’re not jaded by the music industry yet, so that’s really made us unique in the industry so far because there’s a lot of black holes with the people you meet. So much of it, with entrepreneurship, is about being passionateto survive you really need to be passionate about what you do. So, the music keeps us going, not the money. I think that’s what makes us unique.

OMM: What’s the best live show you’ve been too in Miami?

Whitney: That’s a tough one. I would say Bright Light Social Hour at The Stage. I mean, they’re rock stars. I haven’t seen a performance like that in a really long time, and I haven’t seen rock musicians like that in a long time either. It was just so exciting to see that in Miami and at The Stage, it’s one of the best live music venues around. Another amazing show was Jacob Jeffrey’s band on Lincoln Road for sleepless night. It was justthe energy on the road that dayI’ve never seen it on South Beach.

OMM: What’s one thing you love about living in Midtown?

Whitney: One thing I love about living in Midtown would be, really feeling that it’s a neighborhood. I think that people in Miami, since it’s such a touristic city, find it really hard to find their niche and feel like it’s a home. I think Midtown has completely captured that, and is thriving off of that right now and locals are loving it because they feel they’ve had all these cultures and art, it’s really brought everyone together.

OMM: Is there anything that bothers you, or you find annoying about living in Midtown?

Whitney: Well, I don’t know yet. I really, really love it so far. I hope it stays true to its roots and it doesn’t get pretentious. It’s trendy right now, and it’s getting a lot of attention and I hope it doesn’t get the attention of the wrong people. I want it to stay true to its local scene and stay relaxed and comfortable.

For more information on The Black Key Groups upcoming projects, and to find local artists playing in Wynwood visit their website.