Photos: Miami Art Walk

Now that the food truck court is officially bigger in square footage than every gallery in Wynwood, Design District, and Florida combined, there are a lot of people who lament, with a spot of barbecue sauce in the corner of their mouths, that Art Walk has turned into a carnival.

Considering the raucous crowds, live music, litter everywhere, and Ferris wheel -- no, not that -- but considering everything else, yes, it is a circus. Get over it. You can still see great work during Art Walk if you want to. I do, every time. The fact that some people are less interested in the art and more interested in the free booze shouldn't determine your experience (unless, of course, someone throws up on you). If you want to see the art in absolute quiet -- a perfectly reasonable desire -- visit the gallery district on any day other than the second Saturday of the month. But, please, stop going to Art Walk and complaining that it isn't about the art. It's about whatever you make it about.

Without further ado, here are 20 photos of people doing keg-stands on N.W. Second Avenue.