Miami Art Walk guide: Fleeced sheep and Barbed wire

With the Art Basel spaceship making a beeline for Miami, galleries across Wynwood and the Design District are breaking out their best exhibitions ("best" ≈ "most likely to entice deep-pocketed collectors") for Art Walk on Saturday. Here's what's on our radar.

Love Trips: A Triptych on Love @ World Class Boxing

The centerpiece of this Jillian Mayer solo exhibition is a triptych within a triptych. Titled "Everyone's Been Lost at Sea", the three-part video installation comprises "Temporarily Yours", in which the artist practices making romantic passes for our spying eyes; "endless lava, I wish for", which finds Mayer performing acrobatics within the mouth of "an erupting, crudely-made concrete volcano"; and "H.I.L.M.D.A.", an embellished account of how the famed Venus de Milo lost her arms. ("H.I.L.M.D.A." = "How I Lost My Damn Arms"? Just a guess.) The show will open on Saturday and run through February alongside a Jack Strange solo exhibition titled G.

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