Surveillance photos released in Wynwood restaurant robbery

Miami Police are looking for three armed men who stormed into a Wynwood area restaurant and robbed frightened customers.

The men entered Joey’s restaurant at 2506 NW Second Ave around 8 p.m. Monday with bandannas and hoodies covering their faces and ordered everyone to the floor.

“(They) rushed in as fast as they could I guess and then pointed the gun at everybody,” recalled Eddie Zinkind, a waiter working at the time. “Then told them to lay down and then demanded the bartender to open up the register.”

While one of the men watched the door, the two others took a customer’s cell phone and raided the cash register.

The incident lasted about five minutes, said Zinkind. No one was injured and he said the gunmen made off with very little money.

(Source: Miami Police)Manager Mazzon Ivo said he’s grateful the men heeded his cries not to hurt anyone. “You feel really bad,” he said. “You feel scared because it’s a guy pointing a gun and you think about your family your kids.”

The robbery has others on edge in the Wynwood area. Nina Ginatta owns Play-In a business across the street from Joey’s that caters to kids. “I definitely am concerned because I am here late,” said Ginatta. “My staff, sometimes we close by ourselves and it definitely made me think about how we’re gonna do things differently.”

Police said they will also be doing things differently in Wynwood. Commander Lazaro Ferro said crime is up more than 13 percent in Wynwood. He hopes to host a meeting with local businesses and residents. Tuesday officers canvassed the community talking to business owners about protecting themselves.

“We want to look at a more positive approach right now,” said Detective Keandra Simmons, of the Miami Police Department. “We’re trying to figure out what ways we as a police department can help the local businesses, local members of the community, to better themselves to disarm any disbelief or problems they may have with the police.”

Police also said they plan to increase patrols in Wynwood.

Anyone with information about the Joey’s robbery is urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at (305) 471-TIPS.