Jimmy'z Kitchen art walk party honors Wynwood's Puerto Rican roots

If you haven’t been to Jimmy’z  Kitchen Wynwood since it opened about six months ago, this Saturday will be a good time to venture over for two reasons.

One, it will be especially easy to find: an afro-boricua Puerto Rican group, Zona de Bomba, will be putting on a free concert in the plaza around the restaurant. Secondly, there will be a slew of Caribbean-inspired appetizers to consume and sangria to sip -- items that aren’t offered on the day-to-day menu.

The Noche de Bomba y Plena party, named for two of the most popular, native Puerto Rican music genres, was birthed from Jimmy Carey’s desire to honor Wynwood as one of Miami’s most prominent Puerto Rican communities since the 1950s. Carey was raised in Puerto Rico and incorporated the flavors of his home into the menu, which will offer bites such as tostones, bacalaitos, small mofongos and alcapurrias.

Check back next week for an Open Media Miami feature about Carey, his restaurants, his connection to Puerto Rico and his take on the neighborhood.

Event details:

SATURDAY, JULY 9, 2011 AT 7:30 P.M.



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