Opening doors: new artists, events in Wynwood

It’s still depressing to walk around Wynwood on a Thursday afternoon to look at art, and to find you are very much alone — on the streets and in the galleries. So while disappointing, it’s understandable that some galleries, while officially stating that they would be open, weren’t. It’s a problem, however, for a district that is plugged locally and nationally as an arts hub — galleries need to be open when they say they are. If visitors are too few, maybe opening hours should only be on the weekend, for instance, and all other times by appointment. In any event, some doors that were open offered an eclectic selection.

The works of Loriel Beltran at Snitzer are works about process, but are great sculptures no matter how you look at them. In the main room, they are made of plywood, although different types of that wood, and are burned with a torch — the resulting designs come from the process. But maybe the most intriguing piece is made from concrete that has been set in a plywood mold. The resulting textured design in the plain color is a lovely “painting.”

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