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Miami Springs hosts Dream Women's Conference

Women from all over Miami converged on Miami Springs’ Hook Square on Saturday, Dec. 6 for a morning filled with hope, faith and inspiration at the very first Dare to Dream Women’s Conference hosted by Word of Faith Global Ministries.

As women, ages 12 to 100, arrived they were greeted by music, coffee and pastries. Purple, the color of royalty, was found everywhere, including the joyful team of volunteers who wore purple shirts with a little bling. The Dare to Dream logo sparkled in rhinestones.

The event was hosted by former Entertainment reporter for Deco Drive, Ellie Rodriguez, who just happens to be cousins with the Dare to Dream founders, sisters Pastor Yvette Gallinar and Yani Avila. Rodriguez kicked off the morning with a welcome and introductions as well as a few laughs. She woke up the crowd with her charm, some laughter, and a selfie much like Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie at the Oscars. The guests prepared their hearts and minds for the message with music provided by the Word of Faith Praise and Worship Band.

Two photo booths were set up to allow the women to let loose and have a little fun, complete with feather boas and clown glasses. The booths were a hit. A special chalkboard wall was another favorite spot where women wrote down their dreams and aspirations. Sisterhood filled the air. Some of the guests were actual sisters and there were many mother-daughter duos. All of the women attending the event quickly became like sisters, united in a common belief and faith, making each of them Sisters-in-Christ.

“As women we need each other; we need to lift up our sisters, and encourage one another,” said Dare to Dream volunteer Hilda Solares. “This is a perfect example of what women can do when we have our eyes on Christ.”

Dare to Dream was birthed by two sisters who shared a common vision. Gallinar and Avila wanted to provide a platform where women of all ages can learn, grow and be inspired to seek, pursue and achieve all that God created them to. With so much planning, praying and preparing, their vision became a reality and the standing-room-only crowd was clear confirmation of success.

The conference offered valuable teaching and guidance coupled with the effective tools that empower and equip women to fulfill God’s perfect plan and purpose. The words BELIEVE and ACHIEVE were inscribed larger than life at the front of the sanctuary.

Pastor Yvette encouraged the ladies to “set your vision before you.” Here are a few practical tips and key points given out by Pastor Yvette,

• “Get a vision board. A vision board is a cork board that you would put in a place where you would see it every day.”

• “Pray and speak over your dreams. There is power in your words. If you confess negative things, negative things will come. If you confess the Word of God, blessings will come to you. As women, in particular, we are so critical of ourselves. You’ve got to let go of that negativity. We’ve got to let go of the negative stuff coming out of our mouth. You’ve got to begin to carry the word of God over your life. You are a child of the living King. You are a daughter of the living God. You are a princess. You are most precious in His eyes. Get scripture verses for your board and speak them aloud. There’s power in our words.”

• “Believe God! Allow yourself to see yourself with the eyes of God. See yourself the same way that God sees you. Choose to believe God.”

The women who attended the Dare to Dream conference left the event receiving words of wisdom from both Gallinar and Avila. Gallinar’s message focus was on BELIEVE and Avila’s message focus was on how to ACHIEVE. Guests were filled inspiration and encouragement and were reminded to stand firm on the scripture from Deuteronomy 8:18: “Remember the Lord your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful.”

If you’d like to see the fun photos from the Dare to Dream event, you can search the hashtag #DaretoDreamWomen. You can also find more inspiration and encouragement by visiting Twitter @D2DWomen or Facebook Dare to Dream Women.