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Two bodies found in Miami Springs home in possible murder/suicide

Police responded to a “check on the welfare” call last Saturday, Dec. 6, around noon and found two dead people inside a home at 741 Swan Ave. in Miami Springs. According to police sources, the deceased were Richard Gardinier, 60, and his mother Doris Gardinier, 89.

Police had first responded to the home Dec. 5 after a relative who lives out of state wasn’t able to contact the residents. Officers went to the home but received no response to knocks and were unable to see anything because of window coverings.

In response to a call from a neighbor on Saturday, officers returned and entered through an unlocked front door. The bodies were found in separate bedrooms.

According to established procedures, Miami Springs officers preserved the scene and contacted Miami-Dade County Homicide. When Miami-Dade detectives arrived, they took command.

This reporter arrived shortly afterward and began taking pictures before yellow crime scene tape had been put up. A Miami-Dade detective told Miami Springs officers to tell me to leave.

The homicide detective also told Springs officers to block off the area for a block in every direction. However, local officers used discretion and strung up crime scene tape in areas they thought appropriate. Neighbors were allowed to enter and leave whenever necessary.

A police source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the initial theory was that the deaths might be a case of murder/suicide. However, as of Monday, Miami-Dade Police said the cause and time of death had not yet been determined.