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Miami Springs police capture two car burglary suspects

Miami Springs police arrested two vehicle burglary suspects Sunday night and connected the men to a second car burglary in the city. The men were identified as Nicholas Castelao, 32, and Hector Alvarez, 25. Both live in Hialeah.

According to police, homeowners who live in the 200 block of Pinecrest Drive have security cameras that cover the front of their home and Raul Sosa Sr. happened to be watching a monitor and saw a man attempting to get inside his son’s pickup truck.

Sosa called out to his son, Raul Sosa Jr., 19, and Sosa Sr. went outside to confront the man. Sosa Jr. called police and then went out and began following the would-be thief, who was walking away.

Although he was barefoot, Sosa Jr. followed the man for a couple of blocks and then he began to run. Sosa Jr. chased the man until he got into a 1992 Chevy Camaro driven by another man and the car sped away. Sosa Jr. was chasing the car on foot when officer Bob Evans drove up and the victim told him what was happening.

Evans followed the car for several blocks and caught up when the car turned south on Curtiss Parkway. Backed up by officer Cheryl Mullet, Evans pulled the Camaro over in the 3400 block of Curtiss Parkway and the two occupants were arrested at gunpoint.

A search of the car revealed a purse, car keys and other property that didn’t belong to the two men. While an investigation was ongoing, another officer responded to a car burglary call in the parking lot of a hotel in the 100 block of Fairway Drive. The victim later identified the property as being stolen from her car.

After being taken to the police station for questioning, both men told conflicting stories and blamed each other for the stolen property. Both have lengthy criminal records.

Police checked the pickup truck on Pinecrest Drive and found that the driver’s side door lock had been punched. Both men were charged with burglary of an unoccupied vehicle. Ownership of the Camaro couldn’t be verified, so it was towed to an impound lot.

“He was a big guy, but I was going to tackle him,” said Sosa Jr. “It’s good that he was caught. The police did a great job.”

BUSTED: Miami Springs police officer Bob Evans with car burglary suspect Nicholas Castelao, who was adamant about not having his picture taken. Gazette Photo/WALLY CLARK