River Cities

Morrow, Ayala retain Medley council seats

The Medley citizens spoke up on Election Day on Tuesday and the voice they spoke was “we’re happy with the status quo.”

With three candidates including two incumbents, Jack Morrow and Edgar Ayala vying for two council seats, both Morrow and Ayala emerged victorious and will hold their seats for four more years.

The odd man out was political newcomer Ivan Pacheco who finished third.

WIth a total of 542 votes cast, Morrow finished on top with a total of 204 votes or 37.64 percent of the vote while Ayala came in just behind him with 191 votes or 35.24 percent.

Pacheco finished with 147 votes or 27.12 percent.

Next up will be 2016 when current Mayor Roberto Martell’s seat along with two other council seats occupied by Grisela Digacomo and Susanna Guasch will be up for grabs.