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Lightning strike in Miami Springs causes power outage and home fire

The charred attic of a Miami Springs home that caught on fire.
The charred attic of a Miami Springs home that caught on fire.

A thunderstorm on Thursday afternoon caused the Miami Springs area to lose power. And that's not the only way it affected the area.

According to CBS Miami, Miami Springs residents heard a startling sound during the storm. Zoe Gonzalez told CBS4 she "thought it was a bomb that went off."

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue said a lightning strike hit a power line, which in turn sparked a fire in the attic of a house, reported CBS4.

Gonzalez, who called 911, told WSVN it looked like "a ball of fire" and that she was worried about the family inside the house.

“We had about 20 firefighters on scene. They made an aggressive attack and went in and fought the fire,” Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Lt. Kirsten Miller told WSVN. "They were able to contain it in the attic without [it] getting either through the roof or down into the home.”

Power is out in the neighborhood, which doesn't bode well for a woman who lives in the house that caught on fire.

“She’s concerned because her medical equipment needs to be used and we need electricity for the power,” Gonzalez explained to CBS4.

Florida Power & Light is working to repair the power line and restore electricity to the area.