River Cities

Miami Springs moms group makes summer count

What do you get when you combine nine energetic adventure seeking children, six creative and dedicated mothers, and one summer in Miami? You get the Summer Love’n Playgroup. For this group of Miami Springs moms and their children, summertime is not just a memory but it’s a very sweet memory filled with new experiences and new friendships. 

The local moms came together at the start of summer and decided to make every day count. The group, consisting of a both stay-at-home mothers and a few work-at-home mothers, knew they wanted to provide their children with a fun-filled summer that included keeping the tots busy and making new friends. The fact that the moms got to socialize and make new friends of their own would be an added bonus. 

They filled their calendars with activities, field trips, and arts and crafts. Meeting twice a week on a rotating schedule allowed them to take turns meeting at their homes once during the week, and Fridays were designated as field trip days.

From home they made American flags for the Fourth of July, experimented with finger painting, and had fun in the sun on pool play dates. They enjoyed exploring Beautiful Miami Springs with bike rides down the Ludlum Road bike path and they also visited the Virginia Gardens Park.

The busy bees weren’t constrained to the River Cities area. The group found themselves all over Miami visiting Matheson Hammocks, Metro Zoo, Pinecrest Gardens, Flamingo Park, Kydoos Play Land, and so much more. 

With help from fellow mother Jen Bounassai, of Little Smart Arts, the group made matching T-shirts that read “Summer Love’n Playgroup” on the front, and “Had Me a Blast” on the back. Matching shirts united the group but more importantly made it easy to spot the children running around on their field trip days.  

“It brought us all together,” said mom Julie Trujillo. “The kids made new friends and we made new friends. We all had a great time. For me it was a simple way to keep my kids engaged and trying new things throughout the summer. I enjoyed very much going out with other moms. I felt supported and a part of a great community.”

“We want to let other moms that stay at home with their little ones know about our group,” said Trujillo. “They are always welcome to come and join us. The group has been a huge support and a great way to make local friends for mothers that are at home taking care of their kids.”

A few of the mothers were friends prior to summer, but new moms and new friends quickly joined in the fun. Whether they met at Prince Field Park or at the gym, any mom was welcomed with open arms. Throughout the summer, other neighbors, family and friends joined the fun at the various play dates and field trips. 

On Labor Day the Summer Love’n Playgroup came together for one last party to say goodbye to summer. The only difference was this time the dads were invited. The entire family gathered at one of their homes in Miami Springs while each of the moms and tots sported their lime-green matching shirts. Everyone enjoyed the food, the drinks, the fun in the sun, and their newfound friendships. It was a celebration of a successful summer in which mothers united creating sweet memories that will last a lifetime.

Now that fall has arrived, some of the tots are back to school. For those mothers who are still at home full time with their little ones, the group will continue to meet regularly at the park and have smaller play dates. 

“The group has been a fantastic connection in the community,” said Jackie Irsula, “and it’s a great way for us all to make new friends and enjoy time together.”

If you are a mother and looking for a supportive community and environment for both you and your tot, you can reach the group by emailing them at sahmofmiamisprings@gmail.com.