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Father Jose Alfaro officially becomes pastor of Blessed Trinity

Although Father Jose N. Alfaro has been serving at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church for 15 months, he was considered the administrator. However, on Sunday, Sept. 7 he was officially appointed pastor, much to the delight of parishoners.

Father Alfaro was so popular that church members and guests filled every pew and latecomers had to stand in the narthex during the 10:30 mass and installation ceremony. A reception with food was held afterward at the parish hall.

“It’s as if this is God’s birthday gift to me,” said Father Alfaro, who turned 40 the previous Friday. “Usually, the position of administrator is temporary but a pastor has more stability for the church and performing the job.”

Father Jose Alvarez, dean of the district that includes Blessed Trinity, attended the ceremony and officially proclaimed Father Alfaro as pastor.

“During this celebration, we’re saying you’ve done something right and somebody is praying for you,” Father Alvarez told the parishoners. “Father Carney was here for many years and many priests could have been sent to you. I know Father Alfaro extremely well and we went to the seminary together. You are extremely lucky to have him.”

Father Joseph Carney served as Blessed Trinity pastor for more that 30 years but had to cut back and eventually retire due to health problems and then passed away.

Coming from Orlando to see Father Alfaro named pastor was his younger brother Francisco Alfaro, his wife Kimberly, their daughter Alyssa and infant son Christian.

“We’re obviously very proud,” said Francisco Alfaro. “We’ve been behind him for years and he’s going to go really far. We love him and pray for him all the time.”

Father Alfaro served at St. John Newman in Kendall as a parochial vicar and assistant to the pastor from 2003-06, then he was sent to Rome to study for three years and earned a post-graduate degree in church history, taught at a seminary for four years and was then assigned to Blessed Trinity. 

“I’m pleased with the work and all the support I’ve been given by the parishoners,” said Father Alfaro. “I’ll be here as long as God wants me to be here.”