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Miami Springs cops arrest knife-wielding suspect

A knife-wielding 52-year-old man allegedly tried to rob another man in the parking lot of Office Depot, 3600 NW 42nd Ave., on Sept. 6, but Miami Springs Police officers were so close that the suspect was in custody within minutes.

According to a report, around 8 p.m. Luis Antonio Reyes approached a 41-year-old male, waved a knife and demanded money. The victim refused and walked away. Officer Jorge Irizarry was on the scene within seconds and confronted the alleged robber as he was walking into the nearby Pollo Tropical parking lot.

Irizarry drew his weapon and told the suspect several time to get on the ground, but he refused. The officer could see a knife clipped to the front of the man’s pants. Backup officers arrived quickly and the man finally lay on the ground and was handcuffed.

During a search, police found a pair of tin snips in the man’s pants and he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon in addition to armed robbery. The suspect denied the robbery and then refused to answer questions.

While being transported to the police station by Officer Justin Robbins, the suspect began kicking a rear side window of the patrol car and Robbins pulled over at Hook Square. Officer Cheryl Mulet talked the man into calming down and there were no more incidents on the short ride.

Police said Reyes had been arrested for bicycle theft in February at the Holiday Inn and he was carrying a machete.