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First day of school for a pair of first grade Miami Springs twins

Wearing new clothes and with lunchboxes packed and backpacks stuffed, 6-year-old twins Sofia and Lucas Justo were off to first grade at Springview Elementary on Monday morning.

The school wasn’t exactly new to them because they attended kindergarten at Springview last school year. But this year begins with numbered grades. Only 12 to go.

“Their teacher, Ms. Delgado, has a really good reputation,” said mom Claudia, who will be dropping the twins off at school, which is a few blocks from the family home.

Claudia said required school uniforms weren’t an issue because her children had to wear uniforms when they attended Grace Lutheran Learning Center prior to Springview.

“The kids enjoyed their summer,” said Claudia. “But they’re excited about going back to school.”

 Sofia said she likes school “a little bit.” She added, “My best friend Madison is going to be in my class. The thing I like most is writing whatever I want in my journal.”

Lucas also likes school “a little.” His favorite thing is to “play outside.” He said, “Three of my friends are in my class.”

Four-year-old little sister Alyssa will again be attending Grace Lutheran Learning Center for a few hours a day. “I’m excited and a little scared,” she said.

The children take their lunches to school and eat in the cafeteria. Sofia likes Nutella sandwiches (actually chocolate almond butter homemade by mom) and Lucas favors peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Alyssa wanted it known that she likes macaroni and cheese.

Both twins are active locally in sports. Sofia plays soccer and baseball, and Lucas plays soccer and football. Alyssa played soccer last season but doesn’t want to do it again.

Alyssa, who always has something to say, had a story to tell: “Today I had a dream that was really bad and I almost stayed up the whole time in bed. A bat came out of the TV and we went outside and the bat came outside, so we went back inside and locked the door. It was nighttime.”

“I’m glad to see my two oldest going to first grade,” said dad Albert. “I hope all my kids can go all through school in Miami Springs. That would be ideal. We’ll make a decision when the time comes for going to another local school.”