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Pilot Club of Miami installs new officers for 2014/15

It was an evening filled with good food and beautiful décor when the Pilot Club of Miami held its annual installation dinner at Sabores Restaurant on June 20 with the purpose being to dually install the 2014-2015 Pilot and Anchor officers.

The theme this year, “The Missing Piece,” was carried on throughout the evening in the form of puzzle piece menus, puzzle piece pins, and of course an actual puzzle.

All of this helped express the idea that everyone sitting around the long and crowded table that night was an essential piece to the puzzle. The Pilot Club of Miami was not only joined by Anchors, but also by Pilot district officers who traveled from northern Florida to attend the event and by a member of the Pilot Club of Fort Lauderdale. 

“It was an unforgettable night,” said 2014-2015 Anchor Vice President Amy Acosta. “My favorite part was hearing the encouraging words that were spoken during the installation process of both Anchors and Pilots. It was so sweet. I felt like we were part of a family solving a jigsaw puzzle.”

The night began with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Treasurer Marion Albury and an Inspirational Thought read by District Representative Mary Jane McMillen, which was succinctly followed by a Pilot business meeting.

Official matters were then put on hold for a brief moment while Lieutenant Governor Terry Steffy conducted a series of raffles to fundraise for the Anchor Leadership Summit in Chicago where three Miami Springs Senior High school Anchors will attend in July.

And it turned out to be a lucky night for Pilot member Mayling Garcia as she won both raffles and although she kept the wine and chocolate basket that was up for grabs, she donated back the $60 in cash that she won from the 50-50 raffle. 

As dinner was being served, chatter and laughter permeated throughout the brightly painted dining hall as attendees enjoyed their Cuban cuisine.

Following the meal, Florida District Governor Barbara McKenzie read the Pilot Code of Ethics in order to reinforce the club’s resolves and duties. Finally, the installation of officers was in order and Pilots were up first. Steffy conducted the ceremony and read aloud the duties that each officer was to accept with a bold “I will”.

After each woman was inducted, they were handed a yellow rose, affixed with a beautiful crystal studded black and gold puzzle-themed pin which read “Essential Piece.”

Newly installed President Shareeza Alladin then gave her acceptance speech in which she highlighted her ambitions for the future of the Pilot Club of Miami.

Although Anchor officers were already installed at their own banquet back in May, they thought it would be nice to be reinstalled alongside their Pilot companions. The same process occurred for the Anchor installation but instead of puzzle piece pins they were given cherub pins with Anchor charms. 

“It was a wonderful experience having Anchors and Pilots together,” said public relations director Johan Gallardo, one of the first male officers in MSSH Anchor history. “It was an amazing reminder that we’re all part of a family working for the better of the community.”

As Gallardo so accurately pointed out, Pilots and Anchors alike share a common purpose of serving and transforming the community for the better and together they accomplish great things.

“Anchors are the future of Pilot,” said McKenzie. “Together we aid our community through friendship and service.”

Steffy attested to this bond stating that “Anchors and Pilots go together like peas and carrots.”