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Town of Medley hosts "Launch Party" for new magazine

With Mayor Roberto Martell gracing the cover, the Town of Medley threw a big bash recently when Imagen Magazine, Town of Medley version, held its official magazine launch party on the second floor of the town hall.

Complete with all the trimmings of drink, food, live entertainment and local dignitaries including 106.7 FM morning radio personality “La Gatita” and sponsored by the Medley Chamber of Commerce, the town celebrated the launching of a brand new magazine.

Imagen Magazine, Town of Medley (pronounced eeh-mah-hen) will come out on a quarterly basis (once every three months), is bilingual and will feature various stories on different businesses around the community or the people that run them.

“The idea of magazine is to promote the positive things that happen at the city level,” said Imagen representative Mandy Llanes. “Bad news everybody covers and we have enough of that so the magazine will concentrate on promoting the positive, promoting the people in the community that are making a difference and not gossiping or the negative. We will highlight the businesses that are doing well and work very close with the administration of the town because we feel it’s a vehicle for the Town of Medley to promote itself.”

According to Llanes, the magazine was born about 10 years ago with “Imagen Miami” for a few years before president Angela Calderon then went into Hialeah to start that version. The magazine is free and the Medley Chamber and the Town itself will be in charge of distribution.

“Mayor Martell saw what we were doing with the City of Hialeah and contacted us about seven months ago or so because he was interested in doing the same for the Town of Medley,” said Llanes. “Like Juan Rubi (Medley Chamber President) has said many times, the town of Medley is like a rumor, people hear about it, but they don’t know what it is. We hope that we can help people realize that the Town of Medley is a vibrant town with a lot of opportunities and the residents are having a great time tonight and great to see so many people out here tonight to get things started.”

“Mandy (Llanes) and I got together about seven months ago and he pitched the idea and I thought it sounded great,” said Martell. “I felt this would be a great opportunity to expose our town and try and attract more people and more businesses to our town because this has been a hidden gem that nobody knows about and my job as the mayor is to expose the town and make sure that we work as hard as we can to streamline everything to make sure the business people make money and I always make sure I meet with any potential business on a one-on-one basis with an open door policy.”

As far as Martell gracing the front cover?

“It was actually pretty incredible,” said Martell. “I was flattered and never imagined this would happen to me. I’ve been a contractor all my life and all of a sudden I’m in this public arena and it feels good because the reality is I’m in a position to do good things for the community. I’m here for the people so it’s a privilege and honor to be here.”

In addition to a Martell cover photo and inside story on the mayor, the June/July/August Launch issue of Imagen, Town of Medley features many different stories on Town of Medley employees. Primarily featured is a story on the “women behind the scenes” focusing on Social Services Directory Lizmari Valido, Town Clerk Herlina Taboada, Mayoral Executive Assistant Victoria Martinez and Olga Quinn, Assistant to the Mayor and Town Engineer, and how, as a group they help move the inner-workings of the town’s operations.

“I keep saying all the time that Medley is like a rumor, everybody hears about it, but nobody knows what it is, where it is or what happens in Medley,” said Rubi who had his own feature story in the magazine as well. “The best you could get was trucks coming in and out and come on, we all know it’s so much more than that. Yes, we have over a thousand residents but we have 3,000 industries as well and we estimate that about 45,000 people walk in to Medley ‘daily’ to earn their living and support their families so it was time for Medley to be known and open up its doors and show off to the world.

“This magazine we’re launching here today will serve as a tremendous vehicle for this town and our chamber. My goal and my ambition is to make Medley the logistics capital of Florida and our relationship with this magazine is a new avenue and opportunity to make that happen.”

When asked if his magazine might possibly make an attempt to penetrate the City of Miami Springs and its market, Llanes, who himself is a graduated of Miami Springs Senior High School, Class of 1975, perked right up.

“That would be exciting and perhaps I’m going to need to try and meet up with Mayor Z (Miami Springs Mayor Zavier Garcia) in the near future to see if we might be able to make that happen,” said Llanes. “This is a great magazine that does great things and we would love to get Miami Springs very much involved.”